When is Good Friday 2017 and why it is a very important day to every Catholic and Christian?

Good Friday 2017 is a day that our Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sin’s as we know he is our Savior, who saves us from our sin’s. He born from mother Mary’s womb from there he went to John to get baptism, and he started fasting prayers in hill, on good Friday 2017  he carried his cross on his shoulders from  Jerusalem  town to Calvary hill while carrying his cross he lot of punishments from soldiers .after reaching Calvary hill he was surrounded by soldiers and he brought on to cross his palm’s on to cross with big nails, his legs also attached with big nails to cross on this Good Friday Jesus thought a lesson  to all his followers that we should carry our sins as he carry cross, because of our sins he was dead on cross on his good Friday 2017 .actually on this good Friday 2017 two more things also hung on cross, one of them asked Jesus is your a really a Savior  save us and save yourself. Another person asked I believe that you’re a son of God, please give me some space in your world. Jesus gives a reply to the second person as he wants on this Good Friday 2017 after 3 pm one of the Jerusalem temple’s Curtains was separated into two parts and the day became night. Jesus asks his father, “Father please bring me to your place I can’t hold this pain anymore “he told this and died.
This is happening on this Good Friday 2017. That’s why it is a very important day to every Catholic and Christian. On this God Friday 2017, every Catholic will participate in the procession with the holy cross, and they will do fasting prayers.

The day which is death day of Jesus is become’s Good Friday 2017.

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    What is Good Friday 2017

    what is good friday

    good friday 2017

    Good Friday Images

    Good friday images

    When is Good Friday 2017

     Friday, 14 April 2017

    when is good friday

    Good Friday Pictures Jesus

    Good Friday Pictures Jesus

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