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What is Good Friday and Why Christians Celebrate it?


What is Good Friday ?

What is Good Friday
Good Friday is the day,when Christians commemorate the crucification and death of Jesus Christ.This is an important day in Christianity,as it represents the sacrifice and suffering in Jesus life.
The cross which represents the way Jesus died,is an important symbol seen on Good Friday.Good Friday comes April 14 th in 2017.It is the friday immediately preceding "Easter Sunday ".On this day christians spend in fasting prayer,repentance,and meditation on the agony of Jesus Christ on the cross.Good Friday occurs two days before Easter Sunday. In United States it not a federal holiday, although it is a state holiday in some states. Easter also called Pascha or resurrection sunday, it is festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of jesus from the death.Easter also called Holy Week and Good Friday also called God Friday.
Article By Sharadha Doddapinni

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